A Little Bit About Turoe Stone

Turoe Stone

Turoe Pet Farm is home to the world famous Turoe Stone. The Turoe
Stone is a Ritual Stone from the 2nd to the 3rd Century B.C. and is
covered with a curving pattern known as La Tene Art which is
deemed to be the finest art in the world.

The pattern is a Celtic pattern. Since 2005 the Turoe Stone is
protected and as a resulted can only be viewed through a window.

Turoe Stone
The stone is now positioned on the lawn in front of Turoe
House. George Coffey, in his 1904 paper for the Royal Irish Acad-
emy on the subject of La Tène art, said it had been moved in the
1850s from its original location near the Rath of Feerwore, an Iron
Age ring-fort structure, at nearby Kiltullagh.

Some commentators have said it’s surprising the stone survives
intact given the beauty of its art. The stone is set in a concrete
base and metal grille to prevent grazing cattle using it as a scratch
post! Be sure to view this unique bit of history when visiting the farm.

The Turoe Stone was removed by the OPW (Office of Public Works) a number of years ago to be cleaned and to be returned under a weather prove cover, We are still waiting for this to happen. Check here for updates.