1. Why do we have to book?

We have introduced a booking system as it is a recommended guideline within our industry, This will help with crowd control and regular cleaning due to COVID-19


  1. Can you explain the booking system?

Each time slot has a different coloured wrist band, this is to facilitate with crowd management.


  1. What happens if I get delayed for arrival?

This can happen anyone; you can check in when you arrive you just will be allocated the colour wrist band dedicated to your time slot.


  1. Do Carers have to pay?

We allow one carer free admission per special need child/adult we ask you to book in as normal but we will reimburse you on arrival on the producing of a valid carers card.


  1. Can I still purchase membership?

Our yearly membership can be purchased only on site; Book as normal as a “new guest” online and our admission staff will help you with the rest when you arrive.

Any valid membership from day of lock down that incur any time lost on that membership will be added on from date of reopening. T&C Apply.


  1. Can I book a birthday party?

Due to ever changing situation with Government Guidelines Please contact us for current situation.


  1. What happens if I want to use a Turoe Pet Farm Gift Voucher?

Please contact us on 091 841580 and a member of staff will direct you.


  1. Can my toddler use Inflatable City or Jungle Town?

In each area there is a free section for toddlers to use, however if you feel that they want to use the main sections after viewing them on arrival you may return  to admissions to purchase a wrist band.


  1. Can I bring a picnic?

Yes picnics are welcome (however Hot Food and Hot Drinks are not permitted to be brought in to the premises) you must supply your plates / cups / cutlery / serviettes etc. It is also expected that you clean up after and use the bins provided.


  1. Are there footballs for Astro turf pitch?

We supply a limited number of sanitized Footballs please enquire at admissions on the day. PLEASE NOTE FAMILIES CAN BRING THEIR OWN FOOTBALL FOR THEIR OWN USE.


  1. Do we have to wear Face Coverings?

Yes Adults, In all indoor areas per government guidelines and outdoors areas should the government guidelines request it.


If anyone has any remaining questions you can contact us by E-mail info@turoepetfarm.com or Phone 091 841580.